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  • NEWS 6/10 — TAHC Adopts Fever Tick Vaccine at May Commission Meeting
  • NEWS 5/26 — Dr. Andy Schwartz Steps up as Texas State Veterinarian
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    Equine Health

    Fever TicksHunter Info

    Maps: Fever Tick Infestation Map
      Fever Tick
    Quarantine Area
    Current Infestations
    (April 2016)

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    Cervid Health

    • Interested in taking a CWD Class? Learn more about the class we offer:CWD Training Class

    Avian Influenza (AI)

    • The TAHC advises poultry owners to practice strong biosecurity and remain vigilant in examining the health of their birds. If your birds exhibit unusual death loss or signs of illness, or you observe large scale sickness and mortality of wild birds, call your private veterinarian or the TAHC immediately at 1-800-550-8242.
    • For more information, below are several useful AI resources.
    • Biosecurity checklist: Biosecurity is Important
    • Learn More: USDA Avian Influenza Page

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